Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Cleaning

MY layout is all fresh and clean now. I left the snow, just to be cheeky. I like the white layout, high contrast, easy to read. very nice overall. I lost my widgets, but I can't remember what I had on here, so its no big deal. If I won't miss it I might as well get rid of it anyway, right?

Anyway, I am somewhat sane tonight. Still not feeling like writing anything profound right now. I think it is the commitment of an hour or so to actually sit down and write something out without getting interrupted. Even writing this short thing, I stop and watch a youtube video, read a blog, check email, facebook, etc.... I need to focus on something. Coldcase is on. lovely.

AJ is here with me, and Jon. both working. I have no homework that I can really do except a five minute assignment due tuesday.

I guess I'll watch Cold Case then, so I can feel like I can focus on something. Anything!


Q said...

You can only see the snow on the navbar. Iv you made the navbar silver, it would be even harder to see.

jeanz said...

Yeah, you can still see the snow float across the letters but it doesn't really matter. Cheeky?

I'm sortof a scatterbrain, so things like no focus are really quite normal in my happy little world ;).

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