Sunday, March 8, 2009

This morning...

I didn't forget! Really, I didn't! So I happened to be an hour late for church this morning and missed sunday school? But it was all my alarm, and it worked out really well. You see, my alarm went off and I thought I was hitting snooze, but must have turned it off instead, but it was ok, see. There were four of us that were all supposed to go in the same car. Tae's phone reset her alarms with the time change, and she woke up a half hour late, so she got herself ready and called AJ who had stuck his phone under his pillow when the alarm went off, before going back to sleep. Who then came in and woke me up. We raced to the showers and got ready in 20 minutes, then went to look for Nate who was just coming down the stairs and thought we were still going to be on time for sunday school because he had forgotten all about the time change. :) So, really I did not forget to change the clock!

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