Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Please not that this is not a rant against Obama's Aunt, Onyango. It is also not anti-Obama, this is a rant on media distortion and immigration and asylum procedures.

That this is even an issue shows how much of our countries law is a popularity contest, and how little justice is served. Recently I posted a link to an article about a former Nazi who they are considering deported; someone who they cannot prove is here illegally. The media is lobbying for his departure for some gain of their own, but now their heroic law abiding president's aunt has come up and they will do anything to keep her!

They argue that A) not many Kenyans seek asylum here. (implying that they are not an economic or social threat)

B) She needs to stay for health reasons they say because she has some neurological issue. hello! the woman walks with a cane, and pictures of this were the only proof cited in the article about such health issues.

C) She would become more of a celebrity in Kenya and would not be able to live normally. Yeah? So we ignore our countries laws, which our President has sworn to protect and defend, for political and public relations reasons. (not even public relations to our own society, its actually Kenyans who are to have no say in how this country is run)

The article does grudgingly admit the following "People who seek asylum must show that they face persecution in their homeland on the basis of religion, race, nationality, political opinion or membership in a social group. Onyango's reasons for seeking asylum have not been made public"

Sure, expect to blow it past the public as a secret and to protect her privacy. As if the media ever cared about anyone's privacy before this! I think it rather suspicious.


Lady Brainsample said...

Just another case of liberal media talking out of both sides of their mouths.

Kinda like how the environmentalists hate all this "evil gas" and say that we need alternative energy, but then once there's a plan to use the I-forgot-what-it's-called Desert in California, they stop it because they don't want to "damage the aesthetics of the desert" or "disturb the tortoise."
Great, pick the tortoise over the humans.

Do you listen to Glenn Beck at all, Somnite? I don't spend enough time in the car at the right time to listen, but I get his newsletters and love them.

Q said...

But you see, Somnite, Obama can do no wrong. Nope! He can't! Why on earth would the media say he (or anyone affiliated with him, for that matter) could do wrong? He can do no wrong! None!

Edge said...


This is sad.

Somnite said...

Lady Brainsample: Never heard n0f Beck, but I think I will look his stuff up online.

Q:I think will soon be doing a video blog post on Obama’s messiahship

Q said...

I look forward to it. After all, Obama is the Messiah, isn't he? ;)

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