Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How sad is this?

Read this, or at least skim it, you'll get the general idea.

So we can deport a man for allegedly falsifying information almost 60 years ago, information which is still under dispute? We have no problem arguing for his deportation when he is too sick and old to travel. But we cannot deport young, healthy illegals who are pouring over our borders each day, clearly and defiantly illegal, rather than the man who they have to spend months proving is here illegally?

Don't get me wrong, I expect if he is violating the law that he should be deported, but peacefully and gently, while making allowances for his health, and only if they can objectively prove that he is here as an illegitimate.

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Q said...

Honestly, I think that if the man has spent fifty years here and never done anything wrong, they should just leave him alone, especially if they aren't sure he's really here illegally. Besides that, he's 88 and has health problems. He's going to die soon anyway.

But why are we spending so much time and money on him when, as you said, there are illegals coming across our borders every day?

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