Friday, May 23, 2008

It's been a while...

This week has been super hectic, what with competitions, work, graduation prep and the like.

I found time to sit down and re-read River Secrets. I am still looking for that book at a Borders, they never seem to have it. The BoB are still the only books I have purchased new for myself. (though I have bought used at library book sales and yard sales.)

We had an awards night at the votech and I came away with $1,800 towards my college tuition. YAY!!!!

Anyway, the most exciting part about graduation is *I FINALLY GET TO MEET ANILEE AND MISMATCHEDSOCKGIRL!!!!!*

Short this is, because I need to get lunch and then help a friend with her commencement speech as well as write my own!!! GAH!!!!

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