Monday, May 12, 2008

Book Closest

Alright, I decided that since I was tagged by mismatchedsockgirl while sitting right next to my French Vocabulary Text book, I shall look for the closest book *now*

The book is actually across the room on a bookshelf, but as it is sticking out off the shelf, i figured it was closest. It's called "Fatal Voyage"

"Commodore Norman C. Gillette had been Chief of Staff of the Philippine Sea Frontier Command since October 1944, and had temporarily replaced the regular commander, Vice Admiral J.L. Kauffman, only a few days earlier when the admiral went on leave. Gillette himself would later explain his own reaction towards tardy combatant ships: 'We did not feel that we were vitally interested or directly responsible or that we should take any unusual action.' This was the fleet commander's headache."

Very boring indeed.

I tag edge.


Q said...

Well, what did you expect, something interesting? It's a TEXTBOOK for goodness' sake. ;)

Anonymous said...

*yawns* is TOOO short to waste it on textbooks

Edge said...

I'll do mine soon...that is so amazing that your library already has Percy Jackson 4. The Titan's Curse is still on the 'new arrivals' shelf at mine. *growls with frustration*

Debbie said...

Thanks for stopping by Novelist's Cafe. Neat blog. I'm looking forward to reading future posts :)


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