Wednesday, October 1, 2008

McCain Defends Himself!!!!

This is an excerpt from an article, of which the headline said:
"McCain turns irritable, sarcastic in interview" (my commentary at the end)

Meeting Tuesday with the editorial board of The Des Moines Register, McCain was asked why he picked the Alaska governor, someone "who doesn't have a lot of experience."

"Thank you, but I disagree with your fundamental principle that she doesn't have the experience," McCain replied before citing Palin's work as a PTA member, city council member, mayor and governor. "You and I just have a fundamental disagreement, and I am so happy the American people seem to be siding with me."

When it was suggested that Palin's lack of experience worried voters, McCain turned sarcastic.

"Really? I haven't detected that in the polls, I haven't detected that among the base," he said. "If there's a Georgetown cocktail party person who, quote, calls himself a conservative who doesn't like her, good luck. I don't dismiss him. I think the American people have overwhelmingly shown their approval."

At another point, McCain was asked if he's strayed from his "straight talk" image with advertising that some have labeled deceptive. McCain dryly responded, "It would be valuable if you gave some examples for an assertion of that nature."

He went on to say: "I have always had 100 percent, absolute truth, that's been my life and putting my country first. I'll match that record with anyone and an assertion that I have ever done otherwise, I take strong exception to."

As examples, a questioner at the Register noted a McCain commercial that suggested Obama favored comprehensive sex education for kindergartners and assertions by his campaign that a "lipstick on a pig" comment Obama made was a reference to Palin. News media fact-checking the sex education ad deemed it deceptive and a distortion of Obama's position.

"It certainly is your opinion and I respect your opinion, but it's not the facts," McCain said in the interview. "I respect your opinion. I strongly disagree with your assertion."

Finally the man who thinks he can lead our country is sticking up for himself in an interview. He doesn't need teleprompters, a cheat sheet, easy questions or any other stuff like that. He stated with force what was factually true, instead of a media distorted image. Please notice that even the liberal new reporter could not come up with a way to spin the story and show that McCain was proven wrong with solid examples. The writer pointed out that he was irritable and sarcastic and moved on. A reporter tried to make McCain stupid, by asking him opinion questions, then when that didn't work turned him into a mean old man who can't get along with anyone.

Do we really need four more years of liberal media and reporting like this? Maybe before we can bring change, we need to break the grip of the media and present "just the fact ma'am."

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