Sunday, October 5, 2008

And again...

I am sorry to keep coming back to this subject of race, but I am determined to respond to every stupid article that Google Reader presents me with. On this article, I think I will take separate paragraphs and comment on them individually.

The whole article should you wish to read is Here.

"The Illinois senator, 47, earlier this year said racism was an issue the United States could not allow itself to ignore. But in the White House race it has been deliberately and carefully addressed in a limited way."

Limited? It has come up at every turn! true: Obama doesn't need to mention it, because he has his pets the media doing a grand job of it without him dirtying his reputation with cheap-shots that are not based on fact.

"'Race is a factor for those who would vote for and against him,' said Gary Weaver, an American University professor who leads its Intercultural Management Institute."

But it take it that it is not an issue for those that would vote for him? Do you deny that there are people that would vote for him simply because of his "race"?

"In California, for example, there is no one majority, but rather a mix of hefty minority groups of Asians, Hispanics, whites and blacks."

And California is the perfect community where everyone is sensible and rational about things, because they have a balanced population to make it see things clearer.

"They (young people) went to schools that were integrated and learned that the US is supposed to be a multicultural, pluralistic society where everyone is equal. Thus, they view Obama as the obvious representative of this society."

This made me downright stinkin, punchin people mad!!!! This implies that if you were private, Christian, or homeschooled that you were not integrated, and didn't learn about the nature of our culture, and that you therefore must be racist and ot thinking clearly in the election. This also presents the conclusion that Obama is the only reasonable representative of this society BECAUSE HE IS BLACK!!!! Tell me that is not racist! I am a homeschooler. I am proud to call many black people my friends. I grew up right outside what most people would call "the ghetto". I went to art classes at a vocational school in said "ghetto" every day. Here at college I have black friends who are some of the most outgoing and friendly people here! I guess because I did not go to these schools where you are taught about integration that I must be a racist jerk who is too blinded by my prejudice to vote clearly! Obama, it is true, does represent very much what young people have been taught is socially and politically acceptable by their liberal schools. He is the dream of all liberals. But he is not the man who will lead our country. Take him as your Mother Thereasa, take him as your Al Gore, but don't leave him in fontrol of a country he has no clue how to run. Let him inspire you to dream bigger, let him represent the new generation, but until he gets experience and a better idea about how to keep our country both safe and sovreign, leave it to someone else.

"Although the US government has made reparations to groups harmed on the basis of race -- such as ethnic Japanese held in detention camps in the United States during World War II -- it has not done so to the descendents of African slaves.

Some argue against the idea saying slavery was not the fault of the current leadership; others argue the government perpetuated slavery and denied millions civil rights for centuries, with longlasting social and economic fallout."

Thank you for the little head nod, but those "some" are darn right! We owe African-Americans no reparation for the period of slavery. This makes me sound mean, racist, whatever, but its true. This is the country where we judge you on the basis of what you have done, not on what your father was or did. Now it is one thing to restore property and make reparation to first generation recipients of abuse like that, but it is far too late now. I mean, of course it is still possible to repay the detainees of WWII, because they were still alive. Back to the earlier statement about being equals that they made: does past injustice justify the inequalites attempted to be forced on us today? A little story: My sunday school teacher back home once told us about his experience in middle-school. There was one class where "race" decided your rankings, but it wasn't what anybody would call racist, and nobody could sue for it, because it did not violate what is socially or politically correct. My teacher would have to work "his butt off" to get a C in that class, while being African-American guarunteed you an A however much work you did. These students saw this, and did absolutely nothing in that class. When my sunday school teacher asked ahbout this, he was told it was because "we owe them for all the years of slavery and injustice." Is this the kind of society I want to grow up in without attempting to change? Where I cannot attend the elite black only schools? Be on BET? Have my future children recieve fair grades in schools? I say it again: Does past injustice justify the inequalites attempted to be forced on us today?

I will proudly state that I will not vote for Obama. It is not for the reason that I am racist, it is because I truly and sincerely believe that this is not the man capable of leading our country.

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Q said...

White people get no perks. It drives me crazy. Why should the color of your skin matter? Why can't we find the most qualified people for any given position? Why are people accuse of being racist when they choose the most qualified person who just happens to be white? Why is it easier for minorities to do practically anything in today's society?

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