Monday, September 22, 2008

I hit because they hit first...

...and as long as they continue on their power trip and manipulate the American public, I shall bash them and hit them with ever inconsistency and lie that they throw at us.

"By using their formulas, the researchers were able to conclude that race was a factor in how people vote, independent of their other political views and their demographic characteristics. They then used the formulas to predict how much support Obama is losing because of his race.

The result: Obama would receive an estimated 6 percentage points more support if there were no racial prejudice. While the model was exhaustive, it is hard to know if it included every variable that could have an impact in this election."

This whole thing is a ridiculous "white guilt" scheme. This survey only measures how "racist" whites are, and how they are "stuck in the past" and have a "supremacy" attitude. Their stupid one sided surveys only show how many white voters are swayed to McCain by race, while completely ignoring and drawing attention away from the fact that black voters are just as "racist" and just as likely to vote for someone of their own skin color.

I have decided that I will stop using the term "race" without quotation marks. We are really one race (well, I won't except in cases like that). Skin color is all that it is. Melanin. Stupid people can't see that.

You know, I had to sit through a lecture just this morning, where the lady who was speaking told us that if you think you have no racial prejudices, you are in denial. I wanted to stand up and scream. White lady telling me that I am racist at heart and just trying to hide it from myself, and telling me that I need to accept all kinds of people. Tell that to her. Tell her that I am equal in my white skin and that I am not to feel guilty because of the sins of my grandparents' grandparents. I am proud of my heritage as much as any person of dark skin color.

But maybe I should show a little more tolerance of other people's feelings, and maybe embrace their culture and terminology a little bit. I think I will! Hide your eyes if you're afraid of racist terms, because I'm going to use one.

I'm proud to be a "Cracker"!!!!!


becca said...

Yeah, I know a lot of people who have said to me "I will vote for Obama because he's black." (but that's not really(i) racist - of course it is!) Some people drive me insane. They see every thing so narrowmindedly. They point there finger and say - "racist!" if a white person who dares(i) to have different political views than they do. But yet they're allowed to do and say anything they like. Yes, We've made a lot of mistakes and done some regretable things to them. We should be sorry. But don't use it as a lame excuse for getting what you want.

btw- I say this being neither "black" nor "white" but a very proud Asian!

cuileann said...

Re: race being just melanin, I've heard that there's more genetic variation within races than between them.

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