Thursday, September 18, 2008

We Beat Kent!!!!

Intramural soccer prelims were this afternoon. Beta 1 South, my hall, beat Kent Hall, the upperclassmen dorms. B1S has only freshmen and 2 sophomores. Kent is all juniors and seniors. Woot!!!

I ♥ B1S!!!

First official practice of the G----- College Cheer Team is tonight!! Oh, that's something nobody knows about yet... Me and my roommate tried out for the cheer team as lifters, the people who throw the other people up in the air and stuff. So yeah, I'm a cheer leader, but they gave me $1,000 for doing it and will give anothe $1,500 next year and so on. Its worth it.

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cuileann said...

Woot! That is pretty impressive. (A bunch of freshmen beating juniors and seniors, AND getting paid to be a cheerleader.)

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