Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Ok, so maybe I've lost the concept of what a blog really is. A blog is to tell friends about your life, not scare them with intellectual topics, or preach doom and gloom (I haven't have I?)

Well, right now I'm printing out invitations to my graduation party and so forth. If you're reading this you're probably invited and will be receiving one whether by email or by snail mail.

Today we're doing serious spring cleaning. We just replaced all the glass with screens and are letting in the breeze. I'm Wearing shorts!!!

We're planning on making a new computer desk for me too, in the basement. It's kinda dark and damp down there but it will work out for what I need to do.

I'm mentally preparing myself for college. It really is scary. I will be driving 11.5 hours to get to a place where I will be assigned a roomate who I do not know. Calling home is long distance. There is no respite if I am sick, no mom to bring my soup or tea. There is no call out to get the time of my next appointment with whoever. It will be just me. My family was spoiled by my sister. She is going only 45 minutes away. She can come home on weekends and on some evenings. I will have nothing and it is scary. The one comfort is that email will work just as fast over 11.5 miles of road, and blogs still function from other computers. Meanwhile, I'm bequeathing those personal belongings that I cannot take with me.

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