Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Because I told you so...

This post is a rant and therefore: Incoherent, not well thought out, spur of the moment, etc...

Please read the article before you read the rest of my post, it will make much better sense.

There are 4 pages.


Personally, I was raised on these sayings and did not misconstrue any of them. Now I know that many who would read this do not know me in person, but I assure you I am completely normal.
I think this is the very thing that is causing our youth "issues" today. Parents do not establish their own authority, which even extra-Biblically is still there. Our parents have at the least 18 years more experience in life than we do, and without authority they cannot hope to keep us safe in any area, whether keeping them from abuse, fraud, or any of the other concerns adults have. Treating them like equals that are bound by no authority is not only wrong, it is downright dangerous.
Look at today's youth, they are rebellious and disrespectful and defiant; but when did this trend start? Of course, youth have always had these issues at heart, but when they were openly encouraged we can see by looking at when the very idealology presented in this article began to be encouraged.
In the 1800s the children were raised with very strict guidelines in regards to respect, ethics and parental authority. As the "parents and children are equals" teachings began to rise, and parenting became a career for journalists the system that was never broken was, and it was by too much "fixing". I think that nearly any youth issue that rises today is because of parenting idealology like this. If any misunderdstandings arise because of statements like those listed in that article, they are because the child is rebellious, or mentally deficient, and it is not the parent's fault. I think it rather healthy for our parents to say to us every once and a while: "BECAUSE IT TOLD YOU SO!"

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