Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Today Revisited

Today, I am counting down the days until graduation: 25.

Today, I am counting down days of algebra: 4

Today I am looking forward to getting more hours at the library where I work.

On the sbject of that, I am not looking forward to having the only other young employee leave. She was a college grad, but we were basically equals, and she having been working there since she was 14 was able to give me all kinds of tips and pointers for after she left. She gave me the rundown on library politics; ugh! She also convinced me to start using Twitter. So that shall be coming up, and I shall let you all (is anyone reading this?) about that.

Other than that, today I am just enjoying the sunbeams.

Calendar of events:

May 20th: Computer Fair

May 24th: Graduation

June 22nd: leave for speech competition in Kansas City, MO

July sometime: City on the Hill Youth Leadership Conference

August 31st: Report to Grace College for orientation!

And some of you know, I was going to send out a monthly friends update so that people could keep in touch even after splitting up during the summer. Yeah, I tried that last May and did one email. That failed, but I hope I can do that with this blog.

Right now, I'm also really thinking about a dear old friend who I haven't had contact with in a long time. K.D. were here initials, some of you should know her. Good 'ole PHAA times.

I'm also getting ready to really start seriously into my novel. I got some books and have been reading up getting ready for June. I'm going to try to do my own little novel month. I already have a start, but with my schedule I am still only hoping for 50,000 words. Like Anilee, I will probably send out some chapters to people.

Also, I'm considering starting up an online youth ministry that I've been praying over for a while.


Debbie said...

Cool blog here! :) I found it through a comment you left on MissMatchedSockGirl's blog. Good luck on the novel! I've written one before and it was a GREAT experience! Go for it! :)


Edge said...

Thanks for reading my blog! Percy Jackson's great - it's fun. Someday I'll draw up a list of blogs I read on mine - I'll make sure to add yours. And stick with your novel! What's it about?

Edge said...

Oh yeah - hooray for graduation and college! It's scary and exciting.

Anonymous said...

hey it is T Ritzman:)

coolness!! that is awesome about the online ministry:)

YAAAAYYY someone talked sense into you!..twitter is awesome..def hook me up with your profile name:)

WAIT!! ur orientation isn't till the 31st!?!? that is soo not fair..i have to leave the 12th:(

Somnite said...

Edge: I'm writing a fantasy novel, set in a totally made up world. I haven't yet had word of the plot. I'm about 8,000 words/ 4 chapters into it and all I have decided for certain is that I will kill and maim my main character, but there will be no romance. I'm turning June into my own novel writing month.

ldsluvcntrybyz: Twitter is here! my username is the same for everything. Somnite

Little_Librarian said...

AWWW. I didn't realize I had that much of an impact on you. I was so honored reading that post last night. I felt bad giving you the Politics Rundown, but I thought you should know it, especially if you were picking up my old hours.

I found your blog via Twitter (woo, glad I convinced you..at least I think I did).

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