Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Rest of that Day...

So after the fact, I will tell you how the rest of that 18 below day went.

I headed back to the dorm to get more snacks, but finding no-one there, I assumed the worst and that they had evacuated the building due to the sprinkler system. So I sat in the lobby for another couple of hours watching still further episodes of cheesy TV shows online. I eventually got tired of this and went back to the dorm where I found people!

The water was finally back on so I could take a shower. But the amazing day did not end there.

That night, I was supposed to have practice with the Cheer squad. It was on the printed out schedule that we had. So I ventured out (By the way, my phone was dead, my car was dead, and it was still 18 below outside) on a 8 minute walk across campus to the gym. I waited for 10 minutes and no one came. So I figured that I must be at the wrong building and had read the schedule wrong. So I walked 8 minutes across campus to get to the Rec center, where the lady at the desk said "no team." So I figured everyone was just late and walked 8 minutes back to the gym. No team. So I decided to check the Rec Center again for myself. (there is true dedication combined with the stupidity of a jock) No team. So I decided that I would go to the gym one more time to check and then quit. So I did and found no team. And I ran back to the dorm and skyped one of the coaches (who only comes every other time and this was a night at home for her) who called one of my teammates and found out that no one had showed up for practice because they didn't know we had one. So I crashed.


Q said...

Nothing makes me appreciate running water like going without it. I'm so glad I live in the first world.

Abbie said...

lol, sounds like a very interesting day... missed you at DVYR :(

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