Friday, January 16, 2009

My Day: 10:00AM - 12:00 PM

So I decided I should continue this. It could be interesting.

I continue to sit here in the lobby as it approaches noon and I have just finished watching Bush's Farewell speech (no comment) and two episodes of "Legend of the Seeker" TV show (I am so commenting on that later positive and negative). I am considering going back to the dorm to find out if they actually have evacuated it, or if I am at least able to get in to make soup for lunch. But then I just remembered that I did not wash my dishes last night and the water is still shut off, so I would have to make due with fruit, granola bars and poptarts, or maybe oatmeal to go or snack crackers. Sheesh. Lazy me ruined lunch. Oh well.

I have the lobby to myself at the moment. *yawn* I don't know if it is worth going back to the dorms or not. I might just stay here and sleep. They did wake me up rather early this morning.

I want to shower!

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Edge said...

I sense an interesting story behind this...lobbies are fun places to hang out :p

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