Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Joy and Jubilation!!!!

I have a plot!!! So I have begun writing again. I have scrapped my old novel (if you can call 10,000 words without a plot a novel) and started over. I'm reusing some names and stuff but now that I actually have a story to write I think it will be much easier to actually do this.
Another thing that will make it just a bit easier to stay motivated is that I have a laptop to work on. Not mine technically, but a loan from the parents for college years. It is portable and I can adjust to a comfortable writing position rather than at a makeshift desk.


Edge said...

Rock on! Sometimes scrapping it is the only way to go.

Abbie said...

10,000 words?? without a plot line?? talent!!!! hehe, but seriously, scrapping it is the only way to go sometimes, as said before. You now have more experience, at least... :D.

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