Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bush's Fault

>Edit: My mistake. I said Obama was a second term senator. I goofed. He still has 2 years left in his first term.

I was watching the DNC the last couple nights and each sentence makes me more and more angry. Let me explain something, and I want everyone to listen very closely, and then share it with people. NO POLICY MISTAKE, EXCEPT THE WAR IN IRAQ, COULD BE PINNED ON BUSH. And I am not just saying this because I am a Bush supporter. I am saying it because it is true, and the truth is why I support him.

Right and left the Dems are bashing Bush for his failed policy, his terrible laws and administration, and his failure to get anything done. This amounts to them calling you, the American public, stupid. And really, they think you are a bunch of hill-billies (who actually care more than your average people) if they are trying to pass this off on the American public. What's so sad is that people believe them.

You see, here is the problem: BUSH DOES NOT THINK UP NEW LAWS AND DECIDE TO ENACT THEM. That is the job of congress. Nothing gets set on the desk of the President for signing that does not first pass through both houses of congress. So Bush only gets to pass on what congress has already approved. Ok, so now let's take a look at congress. Who has the Majority at this time? Wonder of Wonders!!!!!! It's the Democratic party!

The Democratic Party is making our laws and putting them on the desk of the president to sign. They are the ones who give the President the choices on what to pass into law or veto.

Lets narrow the view a little bit. By 2005, the end of Bush's first term, Congress had set 377 pieces of legisation before the President for him to sign or veto.Guess how many of these Democrat written laws he vetoed? 0. That is right Z-E-R-O. So they can't even say that he has impeded their work by vetoing all of the laws that would make our country a better place.

Now let's look at this term. I don't know how many piece of legislation were passed, but I do know that Bush vetoed (get ready for it) 12!!!! (and the nice people on wikipedia hace graciously compiled lists and statistics that you can see for yourself) Of those 12, four were overridden.

Summary: All these policies and laws of his they are saying failed. Democrats wrote them, voted on them, and approved them in a Democrat controlled Congress. Whose policies and laws have failed to improe our country? Bush's or Congress'?


Abbie said...

wow... very good points. Though don't forget that congress isn't made up entirely of democrats...

Somnite said...

No, but the majority wins when they vote.

Anonymous said...

AMEN! I tried watching some of the DNC. Al's speech had me furious and my family started worrying about what would happen if we watched any more. So we ended up waiting until Obama's speech(which was so wrong in soooo many ways!).

Q said...

Just don't try to fight a horde of raging liberals. I tried yesterday--ugh. I would not be good in a political debate.

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