Monday, June 1, 2009

The War is Starting

A collection of terrifying realities. Here is what America voted for!

Goodbye transportation, cars are now made by the government.

Your homes are not your own, and you cannot practice your religion freely.

Openly racist and biased judges are picked based upon that racism and bias, to write new laws, where they think the old ones are not worth following. (disturbing quote in bold)

The fuel that they are requiring us to use and aggressively promoting is destroying our country.

After a promise to support Israel, administration breaks promise and continues to support policies that would ruin the country and ensure that more missiles destroy Israeli civilians.

I plan to explore each of these in a bit more detail, but this is how bad our country has gotten, and it will be getting worse!


Edge said...

*fights urge to encourage immediate secession of Texas* That's downright scary. Makes me wonder where the States will be in another twenty years...

Q said...

Hey, if Texas secedes I might have to move there.

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