Monday, June 15, 2009

This is your friendly reminder...

... To not give out your address, DoB, or Social Security Information of the phone. My family countered a scam today.

A lady called saying that we owed $103 on a Wal-Mart credit card and asking if we would pay it. My mother of course said that she had no such card and never did. The lady said statements had been mailed, but could she please verify address. My mother gave the first line only. The lady was very hesitant to give any information or verify anything on her end, and asked my mother for her SSN and DoB. Upon which point momma said heck no! and asked for a phone number where she could contact someone and get things straightened out. At that point, the scammer hung up.

True story.

(yeah, I am feeling lazy again and am not signifigantly emotionally destraught over Obama's doings these days to write another rant... maybe in another day or two)


cuileann said...

Hah. I would really laugh if I got that call because I've never even set foot in a Walmart.

Sasha Lacy said...

Haha... your last line about Obama's doings. I know what you mean.

Q said...

Store credit cards = no.

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