Monday, July 28, 2008

My Week at COTH


To start out the week we were dropped off at LBC on Sunday Afternoon. We had a very hot and heated game of ultimate frisbee and then were sworn in as Pennsylvania State Senators. We heard speakers from around the country who gave us lessons on living with faith and the nature of truth.

We had sessions on public speaking and debate, as well as learned parliamentary procedure. I guess I should first explain what is typified at COTH. Well, the first three days are study time and sessions teaching us stuff for the future. The last three days are debate time. We go through the lawmaking process as state Senators, debating real bills in committees and on the actual senate floor of the State Capitol building (it is a rare honor to even be allowed onto it, much less sit at te desks and use the mics and gavels). We campaigned and politicked for positions, including President Pro Tempore (who presides over the debates on the senate floors) Party leaders, and party whips (who make sure everybody votes the way the party wants them to). Chair positions were appointed to oversee committees (yay for committee 3!!!!) (though I did end up acting largely as leader and whip along with some other 2 term senators because we had freshies as both whip and leader in my party)

Each student is given 3 bills, one that they study to debate and have passed, and two more to study the weaknesses of and try to "kill".

I passed with a perfect record in committee (I did not get to preside over my own bills), I killed my opposition bills and passed my support bills.

So we went to Hershey Park and Wednesday and had an amazing time. I found out that one of these guys was best friends with my cousin and another friend I had met at camp.

Pics will be forthcoming. Talent shows, all-nighters etc... The donut bill, a senate lip-sync resolution, chivalry, "bromance", and "L-O-V-E"..... and..... I MISS YOU ALREADY COTH!!!!!! I shall probably volunteer as staff next year because they won't let me come back.

Very confusing I know, but it was so amazing and sleep deprived that I can't remember it all to tell you guys. I'd be happy to answer and questions you have. YOU MUST GO NEXT YEAR!!!!!!

BTW the video is from last Sunday evening after we got there the first day. The woman is Dr. Wilson, the most amazing and engaging speaker I have ever seen. The guy is me (no, not the bald one), but I need to work on my tv internet skills.

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