Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So Sunday I am leaving to rival mismatchedsockgirl's amazing time at camp.

I'm going to be at COTH (City on the Hill). It's a "camp" that *get's* (forgive me, bu the event warrants it) teenagers involved in state government process. It is a week filled with speakers who teach us our role as Christians in government, how to write and present speeches, and how to understand bills that are in the process of being made into laws. The week kicks off with a huge game of ultimate Frisbee, followed by a rather sweaty group of teens being sworn in as Pennsylvania State Senators. We follow parliamentary procedure in everything from punishments for items left behind, to who speaks first.

We elect leaders and representatives and study our bills to be debated. On Wednesday we are divided into committees (I was a committee vice chair person last year, but this year I am campaigning for a chair position) and we present our bills in front of them. Thursday we move to the State capitol building where we use the authentic committee rooms complete with mikes and panic buttons. On Friday we turn the real senators out of their desks (some of them leave candy behind, and I got to eat a Democrat senator's stash of peppermint patties) and we use the senate floor to debate the bills that passed the vote of the committees. (mixed in this week are the Hershey Park trip on Thursday night and the 1:00 in the morning game of capture the flag on Friday after a banquet) All in all an amazing experience muchly fun! So that's going to be next week.

So I will probably not be posting at all this weekend, what with packing and the carnival at the library where I work.

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