Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Tip #1: Packaging

Ugh we love it at Christmas, the nice easy gift wrap that tears wonderfully and makes a satisfying rip sound like a school worksheet that you have finished with. But about that plastic stuff....

The packaging of electronics is twice as bad as the rest. First it is extra thick to protect the contents. Then they heat seal the edges and hone them and their serrations to resemble a steak knife, and crimp it to a 90 degree angle so several pairs of scissors must be broken on them trying to obtain the stuff you actually wanted inside (forcing you to go out and buy more scissors and stimulate the economy.. so its a good thing?).

If blood is not drawn at first attack, then you obviously aren't trying hard enough to get at what's inside and this may tip off to the giver that you are not overly enthusiastic about their gift. So be sure to always stab yourself on the devil's wrapping paper at least once and demonstrate your excitement.

Cleanup for these things is also somewhat difficult as the environmentally conscious celebrationist (<----Bushism?) does not know what to do with the plastic waste. Typically none of the plastic packaging that houses the goodies is nor marked with a recycling symbol and does not indicate its recyclability in any way. This is one for brighter minds than mine to figure out though.... so having raised that guilt inducing question.... g'bye!


cuileann said...

Hahaha, you nailed them. Those things are hideous...I recommend a box-cutter.

As for San Francisco, all plastic is recyclable here, discounting plastic bags. [angelic smile]

Becca said...

LOL! Your Back!
Electronics Packaging IS evil. seriously I can't even open a little tiny flash drive without practiacally breaking out a saw! IT'S RIDICULOUS!

I've nver even thought to look for a recycle label on packaging liek that...

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