Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So I sit here. I really don't have much to say. There is a paper due Friday, so I'm at the coffee shop and .... not working. Worldview stuff. Helpful, yes, but kinda boring.

KM, KA, and AJ are here and we are just chilling while the K's wait for class to start. Thomas just showed up too.

I really really don't want to start writing. I don't want to read the stuff either.

I am chewing gum.
Phone sitting by my comp.
Aj singing.
Crowd walked in.
Coffee smells.
Unfamiliar faces.
Dry hands need lotion (not mine)
Party plans.
Profs coming.
Nice view.
I want summer now!


anilee said...

Yeah...I know I love winter and all, but I'm kind of regretting not more seriously considering college down south...

Q said...

Now that Christmas is over, let's just skip to spring.

becca j said...

Why is that??? only when you're completely behind schedule and have a million things due, do you get the sensation to do absolutely NOTHING!...I suppose I do get that at other times too, but really!

Edge said...

Yeah. I know the feeling. It's like my brain just shuts off, and only wants to be entertained. The curse of college students...

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