Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm not racist

Check this out...

Alright, so I really don't have a problem with this. What I have a problem with is the protests and the moves to shut this down. That is a restriction of our freedom of speech. It is not slander, it is not a bunch of lies that fall under the constitutional exception, it is merely an expressed political view that people don't like. (the fact that this political view is expressed in a humorous way is merely what got people stirred up)

And really, if Obama can't take it, why doesn't he quit. The President is historically the man most slandered and spoken against in our country. He wants to be the next President, but he refuses to take what comes with it. Take his wife for example she goes around shouting for him and offending people, and then when she is attacked and pointed out as pushy etc... he tells everyone to just "leave her alone". Suck it up, or maybe we will have the first black woman president....

I probably sound very racist here, and maybe a little chauvinistic, but it is not intentional, and I make no apology if I am. I am using my right to freedom of speech and expression, not forcing anyone to conform to my views, or saying that you're wrong and I'm right. I am just letting you all know how I see a very subjective issue. (I can do this because the issue is subjective and not objective. I rant on absolute truth is forthcoming)

As a side note, I found this rather interesting.


MismatchedSockGirl said...

You know what else is repulsive? Look at the last few lines of that story. It says this guy was going to donate the money he raised to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, but that the MDA not only refused to accept the money but that they're drafting a letter telling him to stop using their name in connection with his shirts!

What a prideful, shallow world we live in; allowing ourselves to get so caught up in the little details that we can't see how this might affect "the big picture". That money could be put to good use!

Somnite said...

I must say the only problem I have with the whole shirt business thing is that he infringed on copyright laws. He legally can't use "George".

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